Ford Mustang Fastback '69 newly built for Alberto Prada

For sale: Ford Mustang Fastback '69 newly built for Alberto Prada

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Betreft Ford Mustang Fastback '69 newly built for Alberto Prada

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About Ford Mustang Fastback '69 newly built for Alberto Prada
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Mileage 1,100   Bhp 223 pk
Year 1969   Engine capacity 4942 cc
Exterior colour Baby blue   Engine configuration V8 with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number 302
Upholstery Leather   Rims 14-inch chromed
0 - 100 km/u 8.9 sec   Wheels Cooper Cobra
Top speed 194 km/u   Production numbers 56022
VIN number 9R02F105199   Other Complete restoration
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Model history

The legendary Mustang was designed after Ford's general manager Lee Lacocca told his design team, which was led by Joe Oros, to "build a car that would appeal to women, but men would desire too. I want a Ferrari-like front end, the motif centered on the front-something heavy-looking like a Maserati, but, please, not a trident- and I want air intakes on the side to cool the rear brakes. It should be as sporty as possible and look like it is related to European design". Whether they took his words very seriously nor realistically leaves to doubt, fact is the Mustang became a huge hit. And still is, the iconic name still plays the lead in many boys' dreams. In 2018 Ford celebrated the tenth million Mustang rolling of the production line. As seen before with cars that stay in production for a long time, the first initial design is the most striking. Modern styling is dictated by wind tunnels, and not always beneficial for pretty designs. The Mustang in the Coupe variant with the imaginative name 'Fastback', is generally regarded as the prettiest model. The base model received a six-cylinder at the time, evidently only a big gurgling V8 with ditto exhaust sound should have been fitted. A big compliment for Ford is of course its big fanbase here in the European country of style. And all this despite Mr Ford and Enzo Ferrari's row after a failed attempt of Ford to take over Ferrari as any sports car enthusiast should know. The Mustang is so strong that she stands miles above all this and all of the prejudices about American cars, with a little endorsement from Steve McQueen, although he loved as many cars as an Italian man loves women, he was the right role model to convert the spaghetti eating car enthusiast overseas. I don't know if the man of whom I was eligible to buy this Mustang was also inspired by Steve, his family name is at least as famous in Italy as the Ford Mustang. No-one less than the brother of Mrs. Prada who led the design house from the 1970s and made it as successful as it still is today. Alberto lives in relative anonymity in Milano and evidently loves nice things. He commissioned a local specialist to restore this '69 Fastback and rebuild her just as he pleased, making the suitable reference to his famous family. Note the red stripes on the seats. He bought the car, a healthy exemplar with traces of usage, and spent a modest half a ton restoring it. Cor, what does it matter in a life like his. I have seen how he lives and resides. Then you can understand why this man rarely drove this car and sold it again just as easily incurring substantial loss. Yes, it's true 'some guys have all the luck', and money. On the license plate obviously his name, further I had to round of the sale speaking to a mediator, open up the door for our transporter, check the payment, and there she was in cold Warmond. In popping baby blue. The photos were taken with the sun setting and do not represent this beautiful shape well enough. I will make better ones when the weather allows it. She comes with black leather upholstery and many more interesting goodies. See the rather impressive audio installation, the new gauges, the new Edelbrock carburettor, the motor-management with electronic ignition, fuel-pressure gauge and the beautiful wheels for example. What a cool Mustang this is. I Bought her for a good price after a nice chat about all the naughty things one can do in Amsterdam, therefore in your interest as well, and now for sale, one time only. Fast!back