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Mileage 30,940   Bhp 140 pk
Year 1973   Engine capacity 2341 cc
Exterior colour Seeblau   Engine configuration six-cylinder boxer with carburation
Interior colour Black   Engine number 6532850
Upholstery Vinyl/cloth   Rims 15-inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 7.6 sec   Wheels Dunlop
Top speed 205 km/u   Production numbers 15438
VIN number 9113501634   Other bodywork in superb condition
Export/import service

Model history

Appreciation of classic Porsches have been extensively described and discussed over the years. The continuing uprise of demand in the first place pushed the prices of the fast S and RS versions to extreme levels. For a long time, the T version value development stayed behind. Naturally they were produced more, although, compared to modern standards very few still, a 2,4 S however easily costed more than double of a good 2.4T for a very long time. The last few years the enthusiast recognizes that a classic 911 with carburation, especially with the enlarged engine capacity, is a pleasant car to drive in our traffic climate, where the power sets in more linear and is less dependent on high revs than the S versions. They ask for more of a sophisticated driver, will have a slimmer chance of having been "abused" in the past, and are friendlier to maintain with lower servicing costs. All in all, it could not go by unnoticed, and the enthusiast also "discovered" the 911 T. From my own experience I can tell you, they would sell like hot buns. Which makes finding an original and genuine exemplar more difficult almost every day. It is with pleasure then I can report, despite the hefty price tag, I succeeded in acquiring a very nice exemplar. A 2.4 T from the final year with fully original body panels, never rusted and thus never welded. Truly conserved and not restored. Evidently maintained, mechanically up-to-date and cosmetically made to look "like new". And it should not be any other way after 41 years. Remarkable; the original service manual and invoices come with the car. This pretty 911 is ready for frequent and relaxed usage. She offers a ton of atmosphere and a characterful ride, which is unique to classic 911's. Moreover, only some fuel will be burnt, not your investment.


Option lists were not where Porsche made their money with on those days. This exemplar is fitted with head rests, an S-front lip and a leather upholstered steering wheel. Exceptional are the optional sports seats, the standard seats can make you slide around from time to time, while the driving experience on behalf of the lower seating position increases.


The solid and damage free body was professionally repainted a few years ago in the original colour 329 Seeblau. All body panels are original and the car has not been welded on. Correct fittings. The underside is evidently also rust free and in original condition. The car was resprayed purely for cosmetic reasons, and remains flawless. Nearly all the brightwork has been renewed.


The interior has largely been newly upholstered. The carpeting was renewed using the original material, as well as the seats. Very tidy and executed in such a way to meet the original standard this car would have left the factory with. The headlining is original and undamaged. The steering wheel is newly upholstered with fine leather. The interior has no significant traces of usage and forms an original and beautiful looking cabin. All levers, switches and gauges are in good condition, are undamaged and function accordingly.

Interieur Porsche 911 2.4T Coupe '73 matching numbers

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The neatly kept engine compartment features the original rebuilt engine. Mechanically and visually in super condition. Every detail exactly how it would have looked like 41 years ago. The luggage compartment is equally neat and clean. Also in the battery boxes no rust to be found. Up front one finds the original and full size spare wheel, a toolkit and Porsche jack. The upholstery in the luggage compartment is new. The original (no replicas) 15-inch Fuchs have been restored and are wrapped in new tires.

Motor Porsche 911 2.4T Coupe '73 matching numbers

History file

Sold new in Italy in the Rome region. Stayed with her first owner for a long time. After the passing of the second owner, the car was not used for a long time. The third owner found a car that he pleased to, although driving excellent, as well mechanically and cosmetically make up-to-date. The car was resprayed, largely newly upholstered and the engine and gearbox were rebuilt by a Porsche specialist in Germany. Fitted with a new stainless steel exhaust. Invoices of this do come with the car. Not too long after the completion of his project, he decided he wanted to allocate funds to acquire a different valuable classic, with me being present at the time... Will be delivered with Dutch registration and fitted with vintage blue license plates, a new MOT and service. Momentarily the car is on German registration.