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Mileage 20,156   Bhp 140 pk
Year 1973   Engine capacity 2341 cc
Exterior colour Aubergine   Engine configuration 6 cylinder boxer engine with injection.
Interior colour Black   Engine number 6133822
Upholstery Leather   Rims 14-inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 9 sec   Wheels Vredestein Sprint Classic
Top speed 206 km/u   Production numbers 13400
VIN number 9113103246   Other 911T original with injection
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Model history

As the last engine type in the popular 911 classic series prior to the introduction of the impact bumper, Porsche equipped the 2.4T with a Bosch Kjetronic injection system. This reliable system provided the T with enhanced engine power and management, whereby the engine runs and accelerates perfectly from idling to its top speed. 2.4T’s with this engine have an impressive 140hp and perform tangibly better and more consistently than cars with carburation. Due to national emission requirements, this injection system was already applied to US models in 1973, and not until 1974 in Europe. Consequently, 2.4T’s with this engine always come from the USA and are thus relatively rare and highly sought after. An additional key benefit to cars from dry, sunny states like California is that they do not usually rust. Moreover, the engines are rarely abused, as maximum speed limits are strictly enforced, especially in California. Just hit the gas pedal once and before you know it there’s a cop behind you who is not to be trifled with. Aficionados of course want a classic car that is as beautiful and especially original as possible, a veritable time machine that immediately transports one back to the days when these cars roamed the roads. Behold here an example of how the 'dry' and warm origin of a classic 911 offers one the opportunity to experience this. This 911T come in its original color, repainted once for cosmetic reasons but never restored. In the back one finds the original 2.4T CIS (Continuous Injection System) engine, which has already been overhauled. If you want a classic 911 with the best handling and price/performance ratio, this is a great opportunity. It’s all here…the special color (Aubergine), the high quality Fuchs wheels, flawless interior and stylish appearance. And last but not least, the superior handling that a photograph can’t capture, so come on down for a test drive....


In the early 1970s, Porsche had not yet start offering long lists of options. This 911 therefore comes equipped with headrests, leather-covered steering wheel, authentic radio, and an electronic immobilizer subsequently built in.


Tight body in an alluring color (Aubergine #025). Never damaged. Undercarriage and body are rust-free. Superior paint quality, a fine deep shine, no chips. The doors are perfectly symmetrical on the body, all closing seamlessly. The chrome elements are especially fine with a deep glossy shine. Window rubbers were renewed all around. The windshield has two tiny chips, which, if desired, we’ll happily replace for you at no extra cost.


The interior deserves special mention: all is beautiful, original and undamaged. No cracks on the dashboard top, all dials and gauges pristine and perfectly operational. The seats are exceptionally attractive and offer the proper support. Original floor carpeting, with extra Porsche mats included. The door bins, which are usually missing, are present and virtually flawless. This car exudes the stylish air of its time - no misplaced speakers in the doors, nothing fiddled with. It’s like 1973 all over again.

Interieur Porsche 911 2.4T Coupe '73

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

In the back one finds the original 140hp, 2.4ltr CIH engine. The engine cover should be a yellow color, but for aesthetic reasons the previous owner decided to paint it black. In order to verify the engine’s authenticity, we stripped some of the black paint off of the cap’s outer edge. The engine runs perfectly, excellent oil pressure and no oil leaks. All original factory stickers and decals are properly present. The trunk retains the original upholstery and paintwork, and includes a fifth Fuchs spare tire, original car tools and jack. The Fuchs wheels all around are in an exceptionally fine condition - no damage anywhere. The tires are like new - Vredestein Sprint Classics.

Motor Porsche 911 2.4T Coupe '73

History file

Sold new in the USA in 1973. As far as is known, purchased from the second owner and brought to the Netherlands in 1990, where for many years the car was owned by Wolter Gratama, a renowned Porsche appraiser, expert and former dealer. For the past thirteen years in the possession of one owner, who traded in the car with us for another fun toy. As of 2003, the car was routinely serviced by a well-known specialist. All invoices and documentation are present and accounted for, including the original instruction manual and car folder. We deliver the car with new MOT and servicing. Fully and exceptionally ready for the road.