Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Convertible G50 '88 152.000km

For sale: Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Convertible G50 '88 152.000km

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Mileage 152,853   Bhp 231 pk
Year 1988   Engine capacity 3198 cc
Exterior colour Baltic Blue Metallic   Engine configuration 6 cylinder boxer with injection
Interior colour Deep dark blue   Engine number Matching
Upholstery leather   Rims 16 inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 6.1 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 245 km/u   Production numbers 19987
VIN number WP0ZZZ91ZKS150299   Other Super Quality!
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Model history

On holiday with the wife and kids in the sensible daily family car, I regularly find myself melancholically thinking of the years this was still possible with the roof down in my favourite 911. The south of France, Italy and the Alps, always with the roof permanently down, I crossed through anywhere, always with a big smile on my face. Only for the occasional rainfall the roof closed, the excellent heating made sure that in the spring and in the autumn the roof could also be opened. Never ever did the 3,2 Carrera let you down. And then there was the drive! The engine pleasantly behind you, lots of power, direct steering and a wonderful road holding. Then there was also enough luggage space for a three-week holiday, and whoever I brought on holiday with me, three pairs of boots scored in Milan would easily be added to that luggage. Yes, those were the days. Wish I would have kept her, I mean that 911. All my, not rather cheap, holidays would be paid off straight away, were this the exact one in which I have lived through mine. Sadly, and fortunately for you, this Carrera has experienced lesser than that. And she looks like it too. I dearly hope you can find yourself in a phase of your life in which you can also do the Route de Napoleon in this Porsche. Just driving from a to b is also sensational I can assure you. For who seeks the prettiest 3,2 Carrera Convertible, with G50 gearbox, the 'perfect' car


She is a so called G50 version. Thus with the gearbox distributed by Getrag (thats where the 'G' in G50 stands for) that works together with a hydraulic clutch, which makes shifting gears directer and clutching and de-clutching lighter. Options on this 911 include an electric convertible hood, electric windows, central locking, electric seat adjustment, deep dark blue leather, radio/cd player with detachable front, 16 inch Fuchs wheels and a foldable windbreak.


Beautiful occurrence in one of Porsches nicest colourations, Baltic Blue Metallic with a dark blue convertible hood and a deep dark blue leather interior. Nice straight, damage-and rust free body. Perfect fitment, no traces of usage and no stone chips. The recently renewed convertible hood has an excellent transparent rear window. The quality of the paint is high, there is a nice deep lustre and no damages or traces of usage whatsoever. A truly flawless 911 3,2 Carrera Convertible.


The interior deserves a special mention. Fully original and as good as new. Nice supple dark blue leather seats with no traces of usage. The carpeting is original and undamaged, so are the door cards, dashboard, and rear seats. The gauges, switches and levers are nice and clean, easily readable and work accordingly. The original leather upholstered steering wheel is undamaged and feels nicely smooth. This 911 has never been smoked in.

Interieur Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Convertible G50 '88 152.000km

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Well cared for and original looking engine compartment which houses the 3,2ltr boxer engine. The last in line before the 911 got radically changed with the arrival of the 964, which is 89% different. Therefore can be claimed that the build quality and the level of continuous development in the 3,2 Carrera is at the top of all 911's before the era of power steering and climate control. The luggage compartment in the front is nice and clean and equipped with the original upholstery. Undamaged. Here you find the space saver, tools and compressor. The nice and original 16 inch Fuchs wheels are damage free and wrapped in as good as new tires.

Motor Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Convertible G50 '88 152.000km

History file

Sold new in 1988 by a German Porsche dealer. Only to be imported to The Netherlands, by a Dutch Porsche dealer in 1997. In The Netherlands the car has had just two owners. The names of the former German owner as well as the former two Dutch owners are known. Copy of German documentation is present. The last owner drove the car recreationally since 2007 and had the servicing done on time and unreservedly.
Service booklet and manual present. Sets of keys complete. Will be delivered including a new MOT and service.