Porsche 930 Turbo Coupe '84 72,000km €99,930,-

For sale: Porsche 930 Turbo Coupe '84 72,000km €99,930,-

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Mileage 72,717   Bhp 300 pk
Year 1984   Engine capacity 3298 cc
Exterior colour Black   Engine configuration 6 cylinder boxer with injection and turbo
Interior colour Black   Engine number 67E00674
Upholstery Leather   Rims 16-inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 5.5 sec   Wheels Continental Sport Contact
Top speed 278 km/u   Production numbers 1424
VIN number WP0ZZZ93ZES0000650   Other Seemingly brand new
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Model history

The Porsche 911 was one of the first series-produced cars to come equipped with a Turbo that proved to be a genuine commercial success. Porsche was the first company capable of properly cultivating the application of a Turbo and allowing it to function stably. Porsche had previously used Turbos in auto racing, and in order to gain approval for this purpose a series of 400 lightweight Turbo 911’s was planned for production. Initially, this was to be a lightweight racing car, but then the FIA decided to change its admission rules. The car as intended, with Turbo, would not be permitted to race and hence the design seemed destined for the trashcan. However, some people thought it could be interesting for Porsche and its customers, as a means of rendering the 911 an exclusive, high performance supercar and putting it on market. Thus, the 911 Turbo was born. Initially, the car had a 3-liter engine, but, starting in 1978, was switched to a 3.3 liter engine and intercooler, and this latter version had a long production run - from 1978 to 1989. The model offered here left the factory in 1984 and subsequently was driven very respectfully and infrequently. This car came to the Netherlands from Germany in 1989, had the same owner for the past 21 years and was rarely driven – hence, only 72,000km on the odometer, which is reflected in the car’s every pristine detail. A rare classic Porsche, in a uniquely beautiful condition. One of the most attractive 911's to invest in.


This 930 Turbo’s options include air conditioning, electric sunroof, power windows, rear wiper and electrically adjustable seats. The current radio is not exactly suited for this car, so we will happily mount a radio from the original time period.


One of the most desirable colorways: jet black with black leather. A wonderfully tight and wholly undamaged body with perfect lines. Professionally repainted, solely for cosmetic reasons. The paintwork is speck-free with a beautifully deep shine. Not a trace of wear found anywhere. Windows and headlights are unchipped. Stone-chip protective stickers positioned on the rear screens, as they should be. This 911 Turbo has a ‘ready for competition’ air.


The interior is completely original and flawless, which is remarkable for a car built some 30 years ago now. Not a sign of wear anywhere, not even on the entry side of the leather seats. Both seats are in equally fine condition – not a loose stitch or dry spot on the leather. Perfect floor carpeting and leather-upholstered door panels. We also provided a new set of floor mats. The leather steering wheel is smooth and flawless. Everything works as it should, all switches and handles and dials are pristine and legible. The entire interior is like new. Non-smoker.

Interieur Porsche 930 Turbo Coupe '84 72,000km €99,930,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

In the well maintained engine compartment one finds the original 3.3ltr. Turbo engine that brings 300hp to the rear wheels. Everything in the engine compartment is original, with all factory stickers present. Perfectly dry engine compartment. The trunk is also pristine and flawless, the spare tire well an attractive ‘gray’ color, as it should be. All stickers are in the right place. Here one finds the car tools, jack and spare tire. Delivered with a new battery. The original 16-inch Fuch wheels are like new, beautifully polished and flawless. Equipped with new Continental Sport Contact tires

History file

This 930 was sold new in 1984 by a German Porsche dealer and came to the Netherlands in 1989, where the car has had only two owners, the last of whom owned the car for 21 years and regarded his 30 more as a work of art on wheels than as a superfast sports car, and consequently did not drive the car too frequently. Our mechanics lovingly ‘woke her up’ again, giving her a major servicing and equipping her with new tires. Following this comprehensive maintenance, this Turbo drives like new and also now hopes to be used like she was built for – driving! But my advice is to take it easy in the beginning until you are sure you can handle her.