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You want to sell your classic or special car. That is not an easy task for a private individual. It takes a lot of time, you have to know how to take good photos of your car and you cannot offer buyers any warranty or trade- in. As a specialized company, well-known within this market sector, we are better equipped to sell your car. This is why we offer you the possibility to consign your car to us. We set a realistic sales price in consultation with you and we guarantee a minimum price in a solid consignment agreement.

When we include your car in our supply, we will make an extensive photo reportage without charge; the car is advertised world-wide and it is covered in the event of fire and theft.

Using the form below, you can offer your car for consignment sale. Based on the supplied information, preferably with a photo/photos of the car in question, you will receive a proposal with respect to the sales method and price. Or feel free to come and show us your car in Warmond.

You can also sell your car to us. It goes without saying that we guarantee a correct settlement and payment. Please indicate your preference by filling in the response form below.

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You want to sel your classic or special car?