Your contact person

Your point of contact is Michaël Jägel

Michaël Jägel is the enthusiastic and passionate Manager of our Service Centre. Before he decided to work in the car trade he went through an intensive training from the Royal Marine Corps. Partly because of this he feels: right is right and wrong is wrong. Just like a deal is a deal and this is something you will also notice in his working method. We feel that is the right attitude en it comes to correct handling and treatment of your most treasured possession. This means that you will not be faced with bombshells afterwards and that the repair/maintenance costs will not exceed the agreed price. On working days, you can contact Michaël from 7.30 am. Together with his enthusiastic colleagues he is always ready to advise and assist you. There are dozens of man-years of experience in our garage! I am proud of the team and the positive responses I get about the service level of my garage. Keep up the good work men!


Your contact person Michaël Jägel