Car lease

Bijzondere auto - Bijtellings Tip, Verzekering & lease

If you prefer to keep your money in the bank or do not have the entire purchase amount for a car, there is a possibility to lease the cars we supply. For this purpose we cooperate with specialized leasing companies that can offer different forms of leasing. Especially for the company car drivers who want to have a special car because this is tax-friendly. Liquidity is maintained and you are mobile. There are also possibilities for starting businesses. Please contact us for more information, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Satisfactory insurance for your special car at affordable prices

You wish to insure your special car well, of course. Your precious property is a much desired object and accidents will happen. Asking for a premium quote from the average insurance company may sometimes produce unpleasant results. The premium will be calculated on the price when new, the average customer and average use. We work with insurers that understand that your special (hobby) car is used differently. Most of the time, this car is not the vehicle you drive on a daily basis and which therefore does not run a higher risk of getting damaged in the rush hour traffic. A regular insurer will also have you pay for the high-risk insurance group that constitutes drivers under 24.

We would like to help you insure the car with insurers that do understand that there is a considerably lower risk involved in our group of customers. This is also in our interest, because it makes buying that great car even more attractive. The insurers we recommend work on the basis of the appraised value of the car. This prevents unpleasant surprises in case of theft or damage when the claims adjuster tells you that the car's current market value is considerably lower than what you have paid for it. Witmer & Odijk have no part in the brokerage, advice or effecting of the insurance. We have an alliance with Sportwagenpolis for this purpose; they are specialists in the area of insuring exclusive and classic cars.

The advantages summed up as follows:

  • Insurance based on appraised value
  • Fixed premium, the premium is not increased after causing damage
  • You do not have to submit a no-claims statement
  • Quick acceptance procedure
  • Special rates for Porsche
  • Special rates for Classic cars

You can apply for a quote by clicking on the link below or the banner. You will receive a quote from Sportwagenpolis within 24 hours.

Apply for a free insurance quote from Sportwagenpolis

Favourable additional tax liability regulation

When a car is 15 years old or over, there is an attractive additional tax liability regulation for the company car driver. You add 35% of the company car's catalogue value to your gross taxable income. This catalogue value is the current purchase price or appraised value. You will
then use the car as a company car and you
buy the car under the business which will
also pay for all car expenses. Because of
this construction you can drive a BMW 7 series,
Mercedes S Class type or Jaguar Xk 8 for a few hundred euro of additional tax liability per month. You can also use your car as a business write-off. Please contact us and have us calculate for you how attractive driving a youngtimer can be.

Moreover, classic cars are much more fun than
those sexless Japanese cars and which are not
environmentally friendly at all. Drive in a
representative manner and in style. Most
youngtimers do very well on LPG (G3) and this
makes driving such a car even more
interesting. You will not make a good
impression with a worn-down road
warrior, so it is a good thing that we are
specialized in cars that look 'like new' with very low
odometer readings. Take a look at our current
stock or let us know what your requirements are.

Insurance Tip classic casr (older than 15 years)