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The most reliable occasion in the world: the Porsche 911

Did you know that the Porsche 911 is the most reliable car among used cars? Every year, the German TüV determines this based on over 8 million workshop visit reports. This mainly stems from the design and construction quality of the brand. However, research has also shown that this is also the result of the care and attention with which most Porsche drivers handle their precious possession. After all, careful maintenance will prevent a lot of future problems and it is one of the most important conditions for value retention.

It is essential to have expert maintenance carried out on a car that delivers an above-average performance. That expert maintenance does not necessarily have to be accompanied by high bills, is something our customers experience every time they visit us. In spite of it all, driving a Porsche is not always fun. We are Porsche enthusiasts but realists at the same time. By keeping our operating costs as low as possible and thanks to efficient work because of our Porsche specialization, we keep it fun. Expert and affordable.

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Extra service

Freealternative transport and Free 'APK' when combined with maintenance.

The benefits for the customer

All 911 models have weaknesses, no matter how
good they are. These differ per model and also depend on age, water or air cooling. We are familiar with the specific technological flaws of each type. Because they occur regularly, we have come up with efficient solutions to these problems. Tell us what your problem or defect is and you will get a clever proposal of how to solve this. No unnecessary tinkering or expensive overhaul when this is not really necessary. In order to avert high costs in the future, e might give you advice of how to tackle certain matters preventively. This will save you money and irritation. By the way, we have a large stock of used Porsche parts that can save you a lot of money. We will be happy to inform you.

We aim at a long-term relationship with our customers. We maintain our relationships by listening carefully and doing what we say.

Porsche 911 repair
Porsche 911 on a car lift at Witmer & Odijk Autoservice

A Porsche may be fast, but truth will catch up with it

An honest quote based on what is strictly necessary. This is what you may expect from us. If we see other defects in your car, we will inform you before we take action. And we always take the approach that you wish to drive a Porsche that is affordable. This is how it remains fun and you remain our customer. Our motto is honest advice.

Today's Porsche mechanic. Occasional greasy hands but more of an ICT specialist

Without a computer, it is difficult to understand a Porsche from 1989 and onwards. Malfunctions can be found more often thanks to computerized diagnostic scanners. This will prevent needless searching and needless expense. Our service centre has state-of-the-art equipment and can see through your Porsche electronically.

Porsche System Tester 2

Meet 2 of our friendly and satisfied customers

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Tevreden koper Porsche 911

Good service, always friendly and a sympathetic invoice. Excellent!

In 2006 I bought my 'boyhood fantasy' from Witmer & Odijk. Although I take out my 964 when the weather is nice, I think good maintenance is essential, My car is safe with Michaël and his staff. They always have a constructive approach, do not replace parts unnecessarily and sometimes we get under the car together while enjoying a cup of coffee. I never have the feeling that they are stripping me 'bare'. Keep up the good work! And when I am too busy to go to the garage myself, driver Flip will come and pick up my car free of charge. When he returns the car, it has been cleaned. Now that is what I call service. - Mr. H. Teeuwen, Boskoop

A deal is a deal! Always sound advice!

No unpleasant surprises, everything is always as agreed and open calculations. These are things that matter to me the most. In the past I used to be disappointed in this by other people. I have been a satisfied customer of Witmer & Odijk for three years now. They honour their deals.

At the beginning of last winter Michaël arranged good winter wheels and tyres for a nice package price. He also takes care of their storage and they changed my tyres while I waited.

I drive my 996 on a daily basis; therefore I go to the garage for regular maintenance. The other day, they had forgotten to replenish wind screen washer fluid. Five hours later, a mechanic arrived to replenish the reservoir. What excellent service! - Mr. E. van der Elst, Leiden

Satisfied  Porsche 911 owner