Pre-purchase inspection classic and special cars

When you have found a special or classic car that is 'your dream car', you want to avoid (large) unexpected costs when you buy this car. You can only prevent this when you have an objective inspection report drawn up of the car in question. Independent of any emotion. Ask professionals, who work on your desired, often sensitive and complex car on a daily basis, to carry out a thorough pre-purchase inspection. We have developed a special inspection report that we will go together with you if so desired. We will hand over this report to you after we have finished our inspection. The car will be given a comprehensive check-over with an inspection of over 100 points. We will have an insight of what you can expect and what costs you need to incur to customize your car in accordance with your requirements.

Free objective advice

We will always try and make time for a pre-purchase inspection at short notice. This is how you avoid missing the boat. If you need an indicative appraisal or a simple value judgement of a particular car you have in mind, you can always come and see us at Witmer & Odijk in Warmond. You will get free and objective advice.

It is possible to get purchase advice on location, a value appraisal and an official valuation.