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We will find the car you are looking for

If you cannot find the car you have been looking for in our current supply- and perhaps you have been looking for this car for a longer period of time- then have us find that car for you. Our extensive network is almost always a guarantee for success. When we accept the assignment as feasible, you will get the car that meets your requirements. And we can also explain the financially attractive ways of buying a car in a way that makes financial sense to you. Take advantage of the opportunity to contact us about this without obligation. Together, we will find the car that you are looking for, based on an open calculation. We will provide continuous information about the progress we have made. If necessary, we can provide a large number of references.

Have you seen a car abroad?

Take advantage of our experience with respect to purchase, import, transport and getting a registration number. The big questions are how to buy that car responsibly and how to obtain a registration number for this car in the Netherlands. How do you know that the car is free from damage, its maintenance history is correct and that the right paperwork has been supplied? How do you get the car to the Netherlands at an affordable price? Not to mention the paperwork at the RDW Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information and Customs.

Let us take care of this process for you: from searching for a suitable car to negotiations, inspection, transport and obtaining number plates. We can take care of the entire process or part of the process expertly and at an affordable price. Why not make use of our more than 25 years of experience?

Marcel D. from The Hague, vond een Porsche 997 Cabriolet

Marcel from The Hague was looking for a Porsche 997 S Cabriolet. He is a consultant who works abroad a lot. Although he considered importing a car from Germany himself, he decided to seek our help. His most important considerations were: how do I know for certain that I am buying a good car? It is difficult to get a guarantee. How do I transport the car to the Netherlands and how do I pay the least possible bpm [private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax]? Time is money, especially for a consultant, so he decided to use our services. Moreover, he wanted 19 inch wheels on the car that were to his personal taste, For him it was equally important to have one designated contact for maintenance or technical problems in his immediate area. "I am very happy with Witmer & Odijk's tailor-made work, I bought from the man who can also repair my car. It is a job well done!"

- Marcel D., The Hague
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