BMW 2002Tii '72 1e serie, very original €35.950,-

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For sale: BMW 2002Tii '72 1e serie, very original €35.950,-
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Mileage 11,064   Bhp 132 pk
Year 1972   Engine capacity 1991 cc
Exterior colour Granada   Engine configuration Inline 4-cylinder with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Vinyl   Rims 13-inch BMW alloy
0 - 100 km/u 9.8 sec   Wheels Vredestein Sprint Classic
Top speed 195 km/u   Production numbers 44478
VIN number 2704187   Other Very pretty and original
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Model history

The enthusiast is aware; a better handling car than the BMW 2002, was hard to find in the early 1970s. That is exactly where the relative rarity of the'02 series comes in. After all, exotics were parked in garages, under covers, an affordable BMW you would actually go out in and drive. And what a pleasure that is! Excellent handling and road holding in this Tii! Furthermore they were quite prone to rust, which in combination with daily usage, was not a recipe for success and preservation. Therefore, few solid and straight 2002's are around today. Notice that not too long ago they weren't worth as much as they are today and were often restored so-so. Nowadays they are worth enough to be subject to good proper restorations, but still originality prevails as the most desirable version of any classic car, ask any collector or enthusiast. This example may be called a very special find. Offered for sale by the son of the second owner of the car who managed to break the car free from an overcrowded garage and subsequently with the help from a local mechanic brought life back into the engine. The body made an incredible impression, no rust! the mechanicals needed some more attention. Prerequisite for sale was that the local mechanic would ensure the car would be in good driving order, and so he did. A few weeks we were invited for an extensive test-drive, and the seller kept his word. The car drove sublimely right from the start, a tad of wrong-coloured smoke from the exhaust would be the only thing we would be wise to investigate further. Back in the Netherlands the acquisition of a 2002 after an Italian lunch, in the sun and with the whole family present turned out to be not ideal. After a yearlong wait we finally received our 2002 from the hands of the specialist, perfect this time. Under the windshield wipers, an invoice of on the wrong side of €17.000,-... A lot has happened, engine and the (difficult) injection system were rebuilt, brakes revised, new shock-absorbers installed, battery replaced and a long list of pipes and other parts replaced. Financially this cannot be healed, rests an incredibly sorted Tii. The 2002 Tii put BMW on the map, back in the day, as constructor of unbeatable saloon cars, with 132bhp and altered running gear and brakes it really was the M3 of its time. Albeit in a slightly more subtle appearance than those of today, a 2002Tii can only be distinguished by the three letters on the back. The very first '02 models can in turn be distinguished by the beautiful round rear lights, those make the early cars significantly more desirable than later examples. This we did know on acquisition, naturally.


Options were virtually non-existent back in the day. This 2002 is fitted with head rests and alloy wheels.


Executed in rare and pretty Granada red. No rust, which is remarkable for a BMW from this era. The Italian heritage has that as one major advantage. Truly straight and solid panels. Underside solid and rust free. The extremely prone-to rust engine compartment is dry and original paint throughout. The car, for good measure, has never been restored, she has a beautiful original appearance. There are no significant traces of usage or flaws/dings in the paint. The paint remains deeply lustrous. Perfect panel gaps. Original glazing all-round. The first series only round rear lights are original examples fitted from factory. A 2002 with visible and distinguishable flange welds, thin throughout as it should be ( no filler application), rust free door-edges and a rust-free engine and luggage compartment receives the label truly rare.


The interior is wholly original and in good condition. No rips in the seats, the steering wheel is nice and smooth and still upholds its original leather upholstery, the steering wheel cover was on accident not removed when the photos were taken. The seats uphold their original shape and are fitted with head rests. The carpeting is original and sans traces of usage. All switchgear, levers and gauges are good and work accordingly. Get in this 2002 and experience the effect of a 'time-capsule'.

Interieur BMW 2002Tii '72 1e serie, very original €35.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The engine compartment is another example of originality, al nicely dry and even retains its factory fitted sticker. No rust, or oil traces. Neat! Also in the boot, all remains dry, rust free and undamaged. Four alloy wheels wrapped in excellent tires finish the car optically.

Motor BMW 2002Tii '72 1e serie, very original €35.950,-

History file

Acquired from the second Italian owner, a wealthy man who could afford to have more sporty cars in his garage. Ailing health caused the BMW to somewhat fall into obscurity, and after careful consideration with the son, the decision was made to clear out the garage. That is how we acquired this 2002Tii, which is now mechanically up to date. Will be delivered inclusive Dutch registration, vintage blue plates, new MOT and a service.