Corvette Sting Ray Split Window Coupe Rochester 360bhp Injection '63 high level restoration €152.950,-

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For sale: Corvette Sting Ray Split Window Coupe Rochester 360bhp Injection '63 high level restoration €152.950,-
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Mileage 3,219   Bhp 360 pk
Year 1963   Engine capacity 5400 cc
Exterior colour Daytona Blue   Engine configuration V8 with Rochester injection
Interior colour Deep Dark Blue   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 15-inch
0 - 100 km/u 5.8 sec   Wheels Goodyear
Top speed 208 km/u   Production numbers 2610
VIN number 30837S108873   Other Top restoration, fully documented
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Model history

In 1963 General Motors presented the second series of the successful Corvette. Simply denoted as C2 with the slightly more enticing suffix, Stingray. Inspired by the sexy lines of the E-type, the laws of the wind tunnel and foremost a mako shark that one of the involved designers caught out on the ocean, the C1 was to be replaced after ten successful years. Sales increased with no less than 50 percent! And not all on behalf of its new looks. Especially the revolutionary, and GM's self-inflicted costly, independent rear suspension improved roadholding significantly. The added strength of the chassis also made the car quicker in turns. The engineers responsible for this second version of the American icon ensured GM management a sales topping record of 30,000 cars in the first year alone as a direct result of all the improvements. 'Unfortunately' the tally stocked at an approximate 21,0000 examples, still a duplication of prior years. The physical appearance of the C2 was the driver behind the success. The critical marketing term at introduction sounded "Only a man with a heart of stone could withstand temptation like this". An important aspect of the revised styling was of course the 'split' rear window, the Stingray was the first American production car to feature a split window. From a safety, and primarily visibility, perspective the view was compromised and hence this design-element was scrapped after just one production year. This makes the split window one of the most desirable classic Corvettes. The Dutch classic car enthusiast who brought this C2 to the Netherlands initially fell for the split window too. As an experienced classic car buyer he knew the value of these cars depends on quality, rarity and provenance. It took him years to find the rarest and quickest version, with 360bhp Rochester injection, his favorite colour and a car with history. After having localized the car he flew to the US, found the car to be lacking visually, but still struck a deal with the seller. Where other than in the US, its home country, would one have a Corvette restored to the highest standard? Over a two year period (2014 & '15) the car was expertly rebuilt from the ground back up, a sizable amount of photographs depicts. Significantly more than the current sales price was invested in this Stingray. A mere 3200 miles were covered after completion of the restoration. Traces of usage the car does not have. She drives likes a devil, nimble, smooth and quick. "Fortunately" equipped with a sporty manual transmission and fitted with options such as: power steering, leather interior, and an integrated AM/FM radio. This body-off restored car is of the highest quality. The car is evidently damage free and matching numbers throughout. In 2018 the car arrived int the Netherlands, in America she managed to win the prestigious NCRS Top Award (special award for the preservation of the classic Corvette) before she left, and here in the Netherlands she stayed with the sole Dutch owner. A rare occurrence to acquire an even rarer Corvette. Can be added to any significant collection, although we would applaud you when the car actually gets driven and had fun with. In any case, come and have a look first...