Ferrari 612 Scaglietti '07 47.000km €79.950,-

For sale: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti '07 47.000km €79.950,-
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About Ferrari 612 Scaglietti '07 47.000km €79.950,-
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Mileage 46,993   Bhp 540 pk
Year 2007   Engine capacity 5698 cc
Exterior colour Grigio Silverstone Metallizzato   Engine configuration V12 with injection
Interior colour Nero   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather throughout   Rims 19 inch Ferrari alloy
0 - 100 km/u 4 sec   Wheels Pirelli PZero
Top speed 320 km/u   Production numbers 3025
VIN number ZFFAY54B000152237   Other Truly as new
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Model history

As appreciation for a decade spanning relationship with the likewise Modena based coach builder Scaglietti, Ferrari in 2004 named their newest 2+2 after the legendary Sergio Scaglietti. With the introduction of the 540bhp strong 612, Sergio was already 84, it is understood that he, full of pride, drove circles, with smoking tires round his grand children. Anyhow, one who sees their name intwined with a thoroughbred ended up in the tire wall on a circuit without guard rail, or could actually do something with cars. Therefore his pride was not unjustified. Moreover Scaglietti could be very proud of the product which carries his name. A designed by Pininfarina GT with a balanced design wherein the front mounted V12 nearly became mid-engined whilst being able to 'fly' four people from Modena to for example Roma. With a top speed of 320km/h even Vettel would struggle keeping up with the chit chatting family on their way to visit their Roman Grandmother. Comfortable cruising in full automatic mode or quick shifting with the pedals between the six gears under spirited driving. Smooth and quick, when pleased extra sporty, that has the 612 on offer all whilst offering enough room for grand tours with four persons. The electronically adjustable dampers have a so-called 'sport mode' which gives the car an extra dimension through a more direct communication with the road. Of numerous luxuries included such as: automatic climate control, fully adjustable (in height too) electric seats with memory function, an electric adjustable steering wheel, a Ferrari (Becker) radio with CD-player, Bose speakers with subwoofer, a full leather double stitched leather interior, 'easy entry' for the rear passengers through automatically sliding forward seats when the chair in front is folded, and also special hinges are used on the doors to allow them to open further than normal. Then there are luxury items such as Parc Distance Control front and rear, Xenon lightning, automatic adjusting running lights, 19 inch alloy wheels and an elaborate board computer that for example monitors tire pressure. This stunning exemplar I acquired from the second owner and is executed in stylish Grigio Silverstone Metalizzato with black leather. Evidently is the 'new condition' and originality of the car just as important. Not one scuff or scratch can be found on this 612. Not even one stone chip. The car has done just 45000km and the service manual is neatly stamped by the dealer. A better kept 612 is not going to be easy to find. All original booklets, code cards, sets of keys and car cover are present. Also the interior, engine-and boot space are in a rare beautiful 'new condition'. Price translates to a completely ready to be driven car, new MOT and warranty.


A ferrari 612 is evidently richly equipped from standard and offers many comforts, such as: automatic climate control, fully adjustable electric seats with memory function, electric adjustable steering wheel, electronic adjustable dampers, Parc Distance Control front and rear, Bi-Xenon lights, original Becker/Ferrari radio-CD player with navigation, board computer with large LCD screen, 19 inch alloy wheels, original car cover, etc.


The body of this here Scaglietti can easily be described as 'in new condition'. Altogether not one significant damage or trace of usage to be found. The paint has a nice deep lustre due to being garage kept, and good care of course. Also the in exterior colour carried out bumpers are free from parking scuffs or stone stone chips. The glazing is original and free of damages all round. Pretty car!


Considering the low mileage, the interior should be immaculate, and it proves to be. Not one trace of usage to be seen. Seats both remain in their fully original shape and the bolsters show no signs of excessive getting in and out of the car. No dirty or damaged buttons and switches. Nice and clean carpets. The in leather upholstered ceiling is nicely clean and undamaged. Fortunately never been smoked in. Smells lovely!

Interieur Ferrari 612 Scaglietti '07 47.000km €79.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

Engine compartment and boot space are likewise as new. All factory stickers with for instance colour indication neatly present. All original and nicely clean. The wheels are in new condition and wrapped in excellent Pirelli tires.

Motor Ferrari 612 Scaglietti '07 47.000km €79.950,-

History file

This here 612 Scaglietti I acquired from the second owner. It is an undamaged car which holds a full dealer serviced record. Last service done by Ferrari on 28 February 2017 with 43.098km. The original board pouch with all booklets, code cards and spare key are neatly present. As well as an authenticity certificate from Ferrari. Price includes a new MOT and warranty. The relative rareness of the Scaglietti, which comes with the in the car-industry increasingly more scarcer V12, makes this special designed GT a looked after classic. A car that also financially will not make you unhappy.