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Mileage 52,217   Bhp 300 pk
Year 1989   Engine capacity 3405 cc
Exterior colour Blu Chiaro Metallic   Engine configuration V8 with Bosch Motronic injection
Interior colour Blue   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 16 inch Ferrari alloy
0 - 100 km/u 5.6 sec   Wheels Bridgestone
Top speed 255 km/u   Production numbers 858
VIN number ZFFKD32B000082211   Other Original and very beautiful
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Model history

With the Mondial, Ferrari aimed to launch a sports car that was also suitable for daily, practical driving. The car’s unique layout allowed for the mid-engine concept to be combined with four seats and a spacious trunk. No other production model offered this theoretically ideal concept of a centrally positioned engine, and certainly not one equipped with the world famous V8 - here transversely positioned - and the ultimate sports car engine sound that only Ferrari V-engines can produce. The slightly higher roofline means that the Mondial offers more than enough room for even our tallest fellow citizens, and this is also sports car that you can drive your kids around in, which is partially due to extended forward-positioning of the seats. Driving a Mondial is a unique experience. One sits far forward, whereby, owing to the short distance between the steering wheel and front wheels, the steering is extremely immediate. The exceptionally beautiful specimen offered here is a Mondial 3.4 T, with the big ‘T’ standing for Trasversale, which in proper Italian means the engine is positioned length-wise, with the transmission transversely connected to it. A concept derived from the Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars. This in contrast to earlier Mondials, in which the engines were also transversely positioned. The result is an engine positioned lower in the chassis, thereby seriously improves the handling. This configuration was also used later in the 348 and 355. The Mondial T also received entirely newly designed seats, offering substantially better sitting comfort and depth. For many people, this last restyling of the Mondial – a car so long in production – is the finest version. Just look at the design of the seats, dashboard and door panels...a masterpiece! The Mondial T moreover comes equipped with the reliable Bosch Motronic 2.5 injection system, a limited slip differential, power steering, electronically adjustable shock absorbers and ABS. In short, a 'practical', highly developed classic Ferrari with modern handling.


This Ferrari comes fully equipped with the most beautiful Connolly leather, air conditioning, power windows and central door locking, as well as Mondial T power steering, ABS, electronically controlled shock absorbers and adjustable steering wheel. And the rather unique electric sunroof deserves special praise. We will replace the unexceptional radio with removable front upon request.


It will come as no surprise that 90% of the Mondial production run produced red cars. Consequently, just how special and stylish is this Blu Chiaro color scheme? Very rare indeed, which only heightens demand. The original, tight body is like new. No notable signs of wear or chips found anywhere. The paintwork shines beautifully, the bumpers are flawless, and the car looks ‘brand new’. The windows are flawless, the rubbers perfect, the headlights nicely transparent and the various logos pristine. An original, undamaged classic sports car.


A unique and very spaciously designed interior, like a work of art - see the beautifully designed seats and dashboard. Fantastic is the right word to describe the quality of this unique interior. Not a spot of wear found anywhere in the light, pristine interior. Beautiful double-stitched Connolly leather on the seats, dashboard and door panels, ton-sur-ton with the dark blue body color. The original deep dark blue carpeting is flawless. All switches, handles and knobs are pristine and perfectly legible and functioning. Non-smoker. The headlining is also flawless and pristine. Mint condition!

Interieur Ferrari Mondial T Coupe ´89 52,000km

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The sleek engine compartment is home to the original 300hp V8 engine with Bosch Motronic injection. All is original, pristine and undamaged. The engine runs beautifully, with that distinctive Ferrari engine sound. Perfect oil pressure, no smoking exhaust. The trunk is clean, pristine and replete with the original upholstery. The front compartment contains the spare tire, original and complete car tool set and jack. The virtually brand new 16-inch alloy wheels have excellent Michelin TRX tires all around.

Motor Ferrari Mondial T Coupe ´89 52,000km

History file

This Mondial T was always serviced by a dealer or specialist. Comes with the original service booklets, as well as virtually all service invoices, all of which is included in the original car folder. This Mondial T was never in an accident and remains entirely original. The purchase price includes new servicing, including timing belts. Delivered with new MOT and warranty.