Jaguar E-type Series II 4.2 Coupe 5 speed '70 €89.950,-

For sale: Jaguar E-type Series II 4.2 Coupe 5 speed '70 €89.950,-

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Mileage 31,821   Bhp 240 pk
Year 1970   Engine capacity 4235 cc
Exterior colour Silver Grey   Engine configuration Inline 6-cylinder with carburettors
Interior colour Red   Engine number 7R14305-9
Upholstery Leather   Rims Chrome wire wheels
0 - 100 km/u 7.5 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 209 km/u   Production numbers 4890
VIN number 2R28488   Other Fully restored and revised
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Model history

The legendary Jaguar E type dubbed "The most beautiful car in the world", by none other than Enzo Ferrari. Imagine his tenure saying these words... He would be one to know. Seen the popularity of the ever-iconic model he was right praising it. The E-type was good value for money back in the day, a new Mercedes SL would cost you three times more. This could not possibly all be related to extreme German greediness, those car-builders in Coventry worked, let's say, not to the German standard. Panels that would fit a few millimetres astray or a drop of oil underneath the sump, for $7.500,- this would be acceptable. While there can be something said about the quality control of the E-type manufacturing line, mechanically one would drive away with the cream of the crop in engineering; fully independent suspension, disc brakes all round, gorgeous aerodynamic design and a double overhead cam engine that runs significantly smoother, and produces at least 100bhp more than a period 911. The E-type became an incredible success story for Jaguar. As a result of its usability and construction, finding an original and mechanically sound example proves to be difficult. A fully restored and revised example will save you from recurrent visits to your mechanic, above all you would experience what you would have bought new in in the 60s. The evolved model in this particular case. Practice told that a five-speed gearbox significantly improved an E-type's driving comfort. This E-type is fitted with a five-speed gearbox from Getrag. A Dutch Jaguar restorer and a good customer of ours spent a few years getting this car to its current state. In 2019 the project finished with an optically 'new' and as-new driving E-type. My customer is an engineer who enjoys getting his hands dirty, driving is more of an afterthought. With the next project beckoning, I may sell his stunning accomplishment. The car is fully restored and newly painted in its original colour. The interior was newly upholstered with the correct hide and colouration. Mechanically every bolt, nut and screw were examined by two pairs of experienced eyes and hands, were needed new parts were used. The result is a perfectly driving and gorgeous E-type. The available heritage certificate depicts that all numbers and colours are original. With all labour and parts expenses added up the cost price exceeds the current market price comfortably. an attractive opportunity therefore to fulfil that boy - or girl - hood dream.