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Mileage 94,253   Bhp 114 pk
Year 1972   Engine capacity 1998 cc
Exterior colour Grigio Metallizzato   Engine configuration inline 4 cylinder with carburettors
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 14 inch alloy
0 - 100 km/u 11.3 sec   Wheels Firestone
Top speed 185 km/u   Production numbers 3450
VIN number 820230001937   Other Rare beauty
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Model history

Southern Italy, in the Naples region, I picked up this rare Lancia 2000 Coupe. Just 1400 examples of this fabulous coupe were produced. The limited run was not a result of a shortage in beauty or quality, these Coupe's were simply too good and therefore very costly. Rarity is an important condition when making a healthy investment. Self-explanatory quality is as well. That, you don't have to worry about with this here 2000 Coupe. Even though Lancia's build quality at the time was of a very high standard, eventually also here the rust devil would sometimes show its face. Fortunately its recent Italian heritage caused this car to be in good conserved condition before bringing her to The Netherlands. Purely for cosmetic reasons newly resprayed once. Also the interior got renewed, of course only there where needed, with a lot of care and feeling for originality. The 2000 Coupe of the second series is often compared with the likewise drawn by Pininfarina Ferrari 330, with some imagination naturally, which in case of the Lancia is a big compliment. The design of the seats, yes, even the roof lining is worthy an admiring glance. All Italian style combined with sophisticated mechanics. Foremost it were the state of the art-mechanics and manufacturing procesces of the 2000 Coupe which made the car production-wise invaluable for Lancia. Then Fiat appeared knocking on the door. You know the consequences..


Evidently no extensive optionlist at the time. Luxuries such as a wooden steering wheel and nice floor mats one received with the car. To be expected to say the least, with a new price comparable nowadays to a BMW 5-series.


What a line, such elegance. Pininfarina at its best. Note the magnificent slight inclined drop in the nose and then the flawless merging of the roof into the C style. Brilliant. A coach that is far from being known for its rust sensitivity. Even so, of importance to point out this Coupe is rust free. On the underside too, nicely conserved and dry. The car got resprayed in the original colour Grigio Metallizzato, or as you will Silver grey, once for cosmetic reasons. The paint has a very nice deep lustre and has not one impairment. Perfectly symmetric panels which shut nicely all round. The stainless steel bumpers are mounted nice and straight. The car has a stylish and original appearance without significant shortcomings.


The 2000 Coupe has a nice colouration of exterior and interior, where inside more tasteful stylish colours return. See the Photos. The seats were reupholstered a few years ago with the original material. The carpeting is original and nicely clean. The dashboard has no heat cracks, the steering wheel and switches are undamaged and all function accordingly. The front of the dashboard where the gauges are located is carried out in real wood. Even the lining of the ceiling is eminent and Italian chic.

Interieur Lancia 2000 Coupe '72 €24.950,-

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The engine compartment is worthy of a special mention. All is completely original as it was screwed in in 1972. Not dirty from oil, factory plates with numbers neatly present. No rust. Smooth running engine. The luggage compartment is complete with original upholstery. Full-size spare wheel, tools and jack present. Also the deeper ridged fuel filler edge has no rust. The nice original wheels are free of parking scuffs and wrapped in good tires.

Motor Lancia 2000 Coupe '72 €24.950,-

History file

Coming from a region with a 'dry' land climate in Italy. Bought from the third owner, after a mediation with a colleague in classic cars. Mechanically and optically the car had no significant shortcomings. She is only a serious service away from tons of driving pleasure. This service is included in the current sales price. Original manual present.