Porsche 356 Speedster 1600 Recreation

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Mileage 5,428   Bhp 60 pk
Year 1974   Engine capacity 1200 cc
Exterior colour Black   Engine configuration 4 cylinder with carburettors
Interior colour Black   Engine number 322
Upholstery Leather   Rims 14-inch chromed
0 - 100 km/u 10.9 sec   Wheels Goodyear
Top speed 180 km/u   Production numbers Still in production
VIN number 12345   Other As new
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Model history

You could reserve €300.000, - and ask me to source a genuine 356 Speedster, you and me, we can definitely make it happen. Let's say you get this undoubtedly beautiful genuine Speedster, would you actually feel comfortable driving her, let alone park her on the boulevard? Moreover, think of all the other fun things you could have done with the money. Allow me to introduce you to the, virtually compromise-free, alternative. Only true fanatics will be able to distinguish her from the real deal, she drives better, is more reliable than the original, and she will not surprise you with emerging rust bubbling. In 2004 a Dutch lady from Amsterdam had the American company VintageSpeedsters built her a new Speedster that she could park at her Southern French house in Cannes. Since she was young she had always dreamt of a black 356, she could just envision herself driving driving between the lavender fields. In 2005 the custom-built Speedster arrived by boat in the Netherlands, the professionally welded chassis being engraved with a VW Beetle VIN number from 1974. With a renewed MOT, the car was loaded onto the car-train to the South of France, and there a very excited lady awaited her arrival; a wish fulfilled. She drove the car for over 5000km, with her blonde hair in the wind and the sun, many a Frenchman twisted their neck. Fourteen years later the car remains in new-condition, so does the lady-owner in my opinion, she thinks differently however. She is ready to pass her onto the next romantic. In the event dark clouds do appear in his or her life, this Speedster does come with a roof, and it actually closes remarkably well. All is functioning well and meets Dutch MOT regulations. The car is fitted with a new rebuilt air-cooled VW engine, which virtually sounds very similar to a 356, a rebuilt gearbox and completely new mechanicals. Thus, also completely new suspension, petrol tank, gauges, Nardi steering wheel, convertible roof and for example Chromed wheels. This speedster therefore drives superbly; the low weight grants her swift and agile performance, and disc brakes ensure safety. Having a car built like this now is significantly more expensive, additionally when trying to import a car with a back story as special as this, troubles might occur. In this situation, where the car is already here, and I can offer her for you to buy in this condition and for this price, I can quite easily say, you must drive to Warmond, in your much less fun car, to come and behold her, this will be a one-time occurrence I would think.