Porsche 911 2.4S Targa restored to new '72 €164.911,-

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For sale: Porsche 911 2.4S Targa restored to new '72 €164.911,-
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Mileage 27   Bhp 190 pk
Year 1972   Engine capacity 2341 cc
Exterior colour Blut Orange   Engine configuration 6 cylinder boxer with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number 6321517
Upholstery Leather   Rims 15-inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 6.6 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 232 km/u   Production numbers 989
VIN number 9112310576   Other Wholly new
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Model history

The new Porsche 991 Targa is fitted with it once again, of course we are speaking of the legendary stainless steel brushed Targa hoop. The stylish Targa's from the 60s and 70s were the inspiration to bring back the original, mainly to market the Targa stronger than the predecessors that carry the Targa name, and gain more commercial success. Now you see, a 72' 911 is mechanical light years away from a modern 992, but park them front to back on the boulevard and observe from the terrace which one gets more onlookers. Want to place a bet? The undeniable charm of the original 911 Targa has such a distinguishable and characteristic profile she grew out to become a style icon. Practical as well; driving open without the turbulent wind you can expect in a true convertible, and safe, would you ever... All in all, a classic 911 with that little more zing than the hardtop. The 72' model was fitted with a separate oil filler door on the right to make adding oil simpler, that was the thought at least... As a result of mistaking the oil filler door for the petrol filler door, quite a few engines came to their ends this way. Hence this model is now known as the ölklappe model. One of the rarest and desirable models out of all series is the 2.4S. In this Targa specification just 989 examples left the factory, we can only guess how many of those are still around, in sound condition. Apart from the equally rare RS, the 2.4S is the quickest of them all. Courtesy of the low curb weight of 1050kg and a 190bhp strong engine over the rear axle powering the rear wheels. The 911s from this year and onwards were now also fitted with a conventional gearbox (type 915) with the well-known H pattern. The 2.4 is therefore easy to drive, nimble and fast. The quintessential 'S' spitter and beefier antiroll bars enhance the car's ability to remain stable at high speeds. This nice example excels in smoothness and feels, if one dares to use the whole intended rev-range, really rather quick. The performance of the 2.4S really comes rather close to that of the infinitely more valuable RS. This offered example was restored over a period of two years, or even stronger, an as good as new car was built. The healthy body of the car functioned as basis for this extremely thorough cosmetic and mechanical restoration. All major components of this 2.4S that are required to substantiate its price tag are of the important 'matching numbers' category. The colour of the car is the original colour for this Porsche. Very special are the original Recaro sports seats that are an incredibly rare option and enhance driving pleasure significantly. Another special mention is the rare option of a solid Targa roof, it makes the car stiffer and quieter. A correct 911 2.4S Targa is rare and hard to source. I have learned to valuate this very example on the basis of many examples that I have seen not being worth my money. This is the exception. The newly painted body of this Targa was subject to a complete rebuild. Upholstery, undercarriage, suspension, engine, gearbox etc. all has been renewed or rebuilt and installed. Not a single detail was overlooked, and as the odometer suggests one could buy a virtually 'new' 911 2.4S Targa here. The engine still needs careful breaking in, one needs patience for this...