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Mileage 108,353   Bhp 160 pk
Year 1974   Engine capacity 2698 cc
Exterior colour Indischrot   Engine configuration 6-cylinder boxer with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number 612345
Upholstery Vinyl/cloth   Rims 15-inch Fuchs wheels
0 - 100 km/u 7 sec   Wheels Michelin
Top speed 205 km/u   Production numbers 13400
VIN number 9114103100   Other Very good and original car
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Model history

In 1974 Porsche introduced the mechanically refined 911 with the so-called G-model. The engine power climbed dependent on the specification to 150bhp or 175bhp, the road holding and straight-line ability improved and the nicely integrated impact bumpers allowed for light impacts to go over with hardly any damages. The G-model appeared such a successful design that it stayed in production for fifteen years. At the very start with the 2.7 model, built until 1978, the body was executed with the small 'charming' rear wings, and with classic Fuchs wheels as a desirable option. Hence the popularity of the 2.7 G-model, a classic appearance with modern benefits that came with the G-model. The 2.7 was fitted with the sensible Bosch K-Jetronic injection system, together with the enlarged engine capacity this was good for a hefty increase in power and torque. The relatively light 911 2.7 is a very smooth and agile version of the older 911. For those who value driving characteristics just as much as a pretty exterior this may be the best choice out of the classic series. Above-all they slowly creep towards F-model status with corresponding value appreciation. This very nice example is a wholly original and untinkered-with 911 with a full-service history. All the way back to 1974 every invoice, and evidently the original service manual, is present. Note the one photo where all the maintenance that has been carried out is summed up. Self-explanatory a 911 that has been cared for this well drives as it should and brings you back as if it were 1974 and you would drive your new 911 out of the Porsche showroom. The most critical point of any old 911 is the condition of the body. This example is wholly rust free, nicely dry, solid, original and accident free. The proven mileage (In miles) compared to the age of this 911 is remarkably low. All in all, a classic that deserves the predicate sensible investment with a high 'fun factor' through and through.