Porsche 911 SC Coupe Sportomatic '82

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Mileage 92,066   Bhp 205 pk
Year 1980   Engine capacity 2998 cc
Exterior colour Grand Prix Weiss   Engine configuration 6-cylinder boxer with injection
Interior colour Black   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Leather   Rims 15-inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 6.5 sec   Wheels Continental
Top speed 220 km/u   Production numbers 4556
VIN number 91A0130950   Other Beautiful restoration
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Model history

A rare 911SC Coupe with the Sportomatic drivetrain, one could also say the predecessor of the Tiptronic. It concerns a so-called half automatic, which consists of two gears one can change without having to use a clutch. In nowadays traffic, and being accustomed to modern automatic gearboxes, a practical solution for those who want to drive a classic 911, without having to depress a (standing) clutch pedal. Also for people who do not know how to work the clutch an ideal solution. The system was perhaps a little ahead of its time, and did not necessarily represent the Porsche ethos; optimal sporty performance. Nowadays this matter lies differently for the more comfort oriented Porsche driver, nevertheless, standstill traffic in the Netherlands is no rare occurrence... Whilst the Tiptronic and later PDK boxes surpassed sales figures of manual boxes by miles, the sportomatic never sold well, which is exactly why this 911 is so rare. And you know what that means in the wonderful world of classic 911s. Moreover, this here 911SC has a rich history and was subject of an extensive restoration. In 1980 the car was sold to a Japanese customer, named Norihiro Komada, the famous Japanese baseball player. The car stayed with him up until 2000. Then in 2011 the car was exported to Australia, where a specialist rebuilt all the mechanicals at a whopping cost of $18.000, - no costs were spared, so far is clear. Two years ago a Dutchman discovered the car in Australia, he managed to buy the car and had her cosmetically restored here in the Netherlands. The car was fully stripped back to bare metal and professionally painted and rebuilt. A very extensive and detailed photo-book of the carried out work comes with the car. On the photos it is immediately clear the car remained rust free, with all original welds. To finish it all of the car was fitted with new tires, an original Porsche birth certificate, and again checked for all correct working of the mechanicals. A highly interesting car for those who want to drive a classic and affordable 911 with maximum comfort.