Porsche 911 Coupe Short Wheel Base 210bhp Upgraded engine '67 €99.911,- matching numbers

For sale: Porsche 911 Coupe Short Wheel Base 210bhp Upgraded engine '67 €99.911,- matching numbers

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Mileage 10,862   Bhp 225 pk
Year 1967   Engine capacity 2398 cc
Exterior colour Silvergrey metallic   Engine configuration 6-cylinder boxer with carburettors
Interior colour Black   Engine number 909884
Upholstery Cloth/vinyl   Rims 15-inch Fuchs
0 - 100 km/u 6.2 sec   Wheels Falken
Top speed 210 km/u   Production numbers 1710
VIN number 306819   Other Rebuilt engine and gearbox
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Model history

When the idea to partake in a (historic) rally appeals to you I invite you to have a critical look at this 911 Coupe. Of course you can source a solid and rust-free shell with a standard engine. Take the construction year of this car for example, hence the year you are eligible to partake in almost any historic rally. However, when you are just slightly competitive, or desire more driving pleasure you will have to do some serious work and or investments. Just like in motor racing, competing means paying, and at the front of the pack sometimes ten times as much. Without the only goal to finish on the podium it is just more fun to have more power available, with the added security and certainty of finishing the rally. It is not easy to find a good car to start with, when you opt for a 911 you will have to spend over 70K for a rust-free Tulip Rally eligible car (pre-1971). Early examples of 911 in good condition start from 100K nowadays. For short, building your own reliable (rally) car will always surpass the cost-price of this 911 by extent. And then you will still have to find someone with the knowhow and time to build your car... Moreover this 911 is also very happy just to cruise. This 1966 constructed 911 with the nice aluminium dashboard inlay and the five 'green' gauges was delivered new in 1967 by Porsche Center Pacific in Burlingame California. This so-called 'Black Plate' 911 remained in dry California until 2012 after a Dutchman living stateside consulted to have her exported to the Netherlands. As the photos show there is a complete history file with invoices from its Californian life. There is also print screens of the email correspondence between the Buyer in the Netherlands and the conciliator in the US. Remarkable is the highly detailed logbook that the second owner between 1974 and 2004 kept, see the photo for yourself. In 2010 a renowned specialist in the San Francisco area rebuilt the engine professionally, and not just that, amongst other things they also enlarged the capacity of the engine which resulted in an increased power curve and 210bhp. The results from an executed rolling road test here in the Netherlands confirms this output. Besides, the gearbox, carburettors, suspension and brakes were revised or renewed. Additionally the exhaust and heat exchangers were renewed, sports seats fitted, and red Koni newly dampers installed. After some pleasant years of using the car in recreational rallies the Dutch owner, a Porsche collector and customer of ours, decided to bring the condition of the car back to pristine condition. In 2014 the car was professionally resprayed, evidently the basis remained solid and straight all this time, with its Californian heritage to thank. The results in 2021 are still stunning; a beautiful 911 Coupe with excellent mechanicals and driving characteristics. The car is matching numbers as stated by its Cardex. The original seats and steering wheel are present and included in the price. A well-known Porsche appraiser valued the car at €140.000,-, this partly justifies todays price greatly. A 1967 911 with such a complete history is not easy to find in this condition. Make an appointment without obligation to see with your own eyes and perhaps experience it yourself.