Porsche 928S automatic '83 141.000km €22.950,-

For sale: Porsche 928S automatic '83 141.000km €22.950,-
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Mileage 141,883   Bhp 300 pk
Year 1983   Engine capacity 4664 cc
Exterior colour Rauchquartz metallic   Engine configuration V8 with injection
Interior colour Beige/brown   Engine number Matching
Upholstery Full leather   Rims 16-inch Porsche alloy
0 - 100 km/u 7.2 sec   Wheels Continental Sport Contact
Top speed 245 km/u   Production numbers 8315
VIN number WP0ZZZ92ZES840385   Other Highly original and honest
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Model history

If Porsche would unveil the 928 today, a shockwave would go through the car-world. Yet the design stems from 1977 and was originally meant to replace the über successful 911. If you have ever driven a 928 you will understand just how much of a useless plan this was, the 928 is positively a complete other car. Comfortable, luxurious and quick, closer to a GT than a thoroughbred sports car, that is the 928. Not directly what the public wanted from Porsche at the time. The limited production numbers can be explained with this knowledge, plus the hefty new-price of the 928. There was however an enthusiastic pool of customers, which is why the 928 was produced for 18 consequent years. The wonderful driving characteristics, the perfectly thought through ergonomics, the 'smooth' lines of the body which were designed in a wind tunnel, and the renowned Porsche build quality make the 928 a lovely driving timeless GT even today. The 928 was the first and only sports car to win the title: 'sports car of the year'. All in all, an icon that offers a whole lot of car for the current sales price. The powerful V8 that easily produces 300bhp, does not only grant the car of a high-top speed, it is mainly the impressive torque which gives the car its smooth characteristics. Porsche advertised the 928 with a slogan: '0-60mph back to 0 within ten seconds' to prove the functionality of for example the braking system. Add the transaxle design (engine in the front, gearbox in the back), the usage of aluminum panels and other features such as the steering rear axle, and it is easy to conclude that 928 was lightyears ahead. Simultaneously the design remains timeless, study the photos and imagine seeing this car on the road in 1977. Here offered example is a 928 from the second series with minor optical upgrades, the engine power was raised with an impressive 60bhp over the first series 928. This 928S executed in the rather special colour Rauchquartz metallic was sold new in 1983, in France, where the car remained until 2016 and was used on Sundays. The French invoices and work-orders do however guarantee regular maintenance and services. The car was imported by a Dutch 928 specialist who mechanically made the car up-to-date; these invoices are also present. The car therefore drives wonderfully, and all is functioning accordingly, even the air-conditioning which has been converted to take modern R134a gas. For those who are looking for an original, honest, damage free and truly beautiful 928, an incredible opportunity.