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Mileage 41,125   Bhp 105 pk
Year 1965   Engine capacity 2198 cc
Exterior colour British Racing Green   Engine configuration 4 cylinder line engine
Interior colour Black   Engine number CT64221E
Upholstery Leather   Rims Spoked wheels
0 - 100 km/u 10.7 sec   Wheels Vredestein Sprint Classic
Top speed 175 km/u   Production numbers 40253
VIN number CT64889   Other Original and in mint condition
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Model history

With their sights set on cash-rich America, Triumph strived to pocket as many dollars as possible on the other side of the ocean in the years following World War II, especially in the warmer US states where open-top driving in a European sports car translated into triumphant Triumph sales. Following the TR2 and TR3, came the TR4, which was designed by Italian designer, Michelotti, whose contribution ensured a stunningly beautiful design deemed by many to be finest in Triumph’s entire TR series. Due to the priority that Triumph executives gave to the US market, relatively few of these cars were sold in Europe, although the TR4 was particularly successful in Italy, thanks to its Italian designer. Those desiring a TR4A prefer a European model, followed by the most attractive of all, the TR4A IRS, with those three letters standing for Independent Rear Suspension, which made for a much more comfortable ride. Moreover, the car also features an electronic overdrive at the top three gears, meaning in fact that the car actually has seven gears. Triumph enjoyed phenomenal racing success, and this is also reflected in the car’s handling: precise steering, excellent grip on the road thanks to a well-balanced chassis, sportiness and agility provided by the distinctive-sounding 105hp, 2.2ltr. engine. And then on top of this, the superior style of this classic car, with its genuine wood dashboard, gauges and dials that are works of art, the finely piped seats of an interior that delights the eye…. The Italian lines and wonderfully characteristic design details, combined with the classic spoked wheels, render the TR4 the most charming and sporty of touring cars.


Remarkable for the overdrive on the top three gears. Further, includes the original wire-spoked wheels, a cover for the open convertible top, and a soft cover for the interior.


This TR4A is wholly original and unrestored. Completely rust-free, dry and hard, only once repainted for cosmetic reasons. A truly exceptional car: restorations are often poorly done, hence, the preference is for an original body. The metal sheeting is sleek and hard, with perfect lines thanks to the ladder chassis, which is not too rigid. Remarkable and flawless paintwork of the highest quality and with a beautiful sheen. The chrome is also stunning. We renewed the cover and convertible top fabric. This amazing car comes in the most attractive and classic color scheme.


The interior is a true time machine: take a seat and immediately be transported back to 1965. Everything is as it was when originally leaving the factory: flawless and stunningly beautiful. The black seats are attractively trimmed with a contrasting cream-colored piping. The seats retain their original shape, offering excellent support. Original black velour carpeting. The genuine wood dashboard is perfectly smooth, shiny and flawless, housing dials and gauges that are each like a jewel, shining brightly and perfectly legible. The door panels, dashboard top, steering wheel…all wonderfully original.

Interieur Triumph TR4A IRS '65

Enginecompartment, trunk space, wheels & tires

The engine and trunk are completely original, clean and rust-free. The 105hp, 4-cylinder line engine with its exquisitely recognizable sound has perfect oil pressure, runs beautifully and does not smoke. A perfectly dry and expertly maintained engine. The trunk contains the full-size spoked spare tire, car tools and jack. The spoked wheels are flawless and equipped with excellent Vredestein Sprint Classic tires.

Motor Triumph TR4A IRS '65

History file

An original European TR4A IRS, sold new in Italy in 1965. Always garaged and it shows. Very hard to find in the this original and mint condition, never mind in this the most highly desired color composition for a sporty and classic car. She comes from a senior member of a renowned group of classic English car aficionados in Milan. He was the third owner, but now, owing to his advancing old age, is forced to part with his beloved. Properly delivered, including Dutch plates, new MOT and servicing.